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Gas station suck

There have been a lot of posts on customers_suck and other groups about customers who can't seem to detach themselves from his/her cell phone and are very rude to the cashier or CSR. What do you do as a customer when a cashier does the same thing to you?

I went to the gas station around the corner from my house to get some soda, lotto tickets, etc. When I walked through the door, the woman was on the phone. So I waited for a little while. She never said anything to me, just kind of put her fingers through the money slot. So I gave her my tickets to cash. All this time she's talking. She cashes the tickets and then I look at her. And she looks at me. WTF? She's still on the phone. She then starts to gesture to me. I really didn't know what she wanted. So I said, "Would you get off the phone, please?" I wasn't going to wait all day until she could, you know, use her words (which she obviously knew how to do because she had been on the phone all this time.) She talks for a few more seconds and then puts the phone down. It turns out, she wanted to know if I wanted to buy more tickets or take my meager winnings. She also, of course, got really evil when I asked her to get off the phone. She kind of threw the cash back into the slot. I asked if there was a manager available then and she said, "I'M the manager." Just. Wow. There were also a couple of other people behind me when I left. She could have served all three of us in that time but I guess her time was more important. I was going to leave once it was clear she was attached to the phone but I've been a customer of this place for probably 15 years and the other people have always been really nice.

tl;dr: Cashier on phone. WTFery ensues.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, inconvenience store, put the cell phone down
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