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Amazon Seller Suck

I ordered a CD for my son from a seller by the name of Bargains At Bywoods on Amazon.  I waited several weeks and the CD didn't show up.

I contacted the seller and they told me that they had a problem with the postal service being slow on delivery.  I ordered things from other sellers the same day and received them quickly.  The seller told me to be patient and since they shipped it via USPS, there was no way of tracking it.

A month goes by and I am getting frustrated and my son is driving me batty wondering where the CD is.  So, I contact the seller again.  This time no reply. 

No CD as of yet.  I placed this order in May.  I asked the seller for a refund, yet still no reply.  I feel like I have been scammed.

I love Amazon and have had a great experience with the other sellers.  I definitely will not buy from this seller again!

Tags: annoying formatting is annoying, customers shouldn't get what they want, normal font please!, online store/subscription, you gotta speak up
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