Patron Saint of Women With No Morals ^_^ (drusillamac) wrote in bad_service,
Patron Saint of Women With No Morals ^_^

This happened at 1am this morning and in front of work people which may explain why I'm still stinging about it.

I had work friends over for dinner and the time to call a taxi rolled around. It being a Saturday night I called Glasgow Taxis which is the local (and only) hackney firm. Conversation happened as follows:

Me: Hello, can I get a taxi please?
Horrible Man: Smith (not my surname may I add), 123 Main Street, Mainarea?
Me: Sorry?
HM: (sighs loudly and repeats the above through gritted teeth)
Me: That's not where I'm calling from.
HM: (still very sharp) You are phoning from 12345678?
Me: Yes but that's not the address.
HM: That's the one I have here!
Me: I'm calling from Localarea (which is miles from Mainarea)
HM: *pause* What is the address, then? (would like to point out he still had a very sharp tone)
Me: 456 Local Street, Localarea.
HM: Have you moved house recently?
Me: No, I've never lived in Mainarea.
HM: *sighs again* Is the name still Smith?
Me: No, it's Jones.
HM: Are you sure you didn't previously live at 123 Main Street?
Me: Erm, no it's probably the address this telephone number may have been registered to....
HM: *cuts in* That's your taxi on its way.

So I was a tad annoyed by that. I think I should know where I live! BT recycle telephone numbers. After a line has been disconnected for six months, they release it again so it can be assigned to a new line. It was the attitude of the call handler that really irked me. I had had some glasses of wine but I wasn't exactly slurring my words (I had been cooking dinner and stressing about that). Plus I had just had an extremely strong cup of coffee.

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent :)
Tags: taxi/limo/rickshaw
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