I am not a number; I am a free man! (arxev) wrote in bad_service,
I am not a number; I am a free man!

Can I please enter my own apartment?

A small, but irritating, bit of late-night suck that just happened and that I feel the need to vent about because I'm annoyed.

So I live on an upper floor of a building that has an old-fashioned lever elevator, for which we have operators, who also function as doormen of sorts. At night, if you don't have keys to the building (which most tenants in the building don't, for... some reason), the guy on duty has to buzz you in. No big deal, since he has to be there to take you up in the elevator anyway, so even if you have keys you need him there.

Now I get that late at night there's not a lot of traffic, and the night shift can be long and boring. Sometimes when I ring the night bell it takes a minute or two for the on-duty operator to respond. That's fine. Sometimes, it's pretty obvious that they were asleep, which is... less fine, but okay, it's late, I get it.

But if I'm stuck outside my own building for over 10 minutes because you were napping at your desk, dude? That's not cool. It's a pretty safe neighborhood, but one of our tenants was mugged a few weeks back right outside the building, and I'm a girl alone holding a purse in an apparently unwatched area. Not to mention, I would like to get inside and go upstairs so I can check my email and go to bed!

But really, I would have been fine with it if you had just said, "Oh, sorry about that"... instead of, rather than apologizing, basically telling me that it's normal for you to be so conked out on your shift that sometimes it takes 10 minutes of constant ringing to wake you up. And I really appreciated you kind of acting like it was more my fault for waking you up at all. You're right, I didn't really need to go home tonight. Silly me.

TL;DR: Late-night guy sleeps on the job while I wait longer to get into my building than I did for the subway; in lieu of apologizing, thinks I should have let him nap.
Tags: apartment hell
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