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Mexican Restaurant Waitstaff Suck

We went out to our favorite local Mexican Restaurant.  They moved into a new location about a mile up the road, but kept the decor and the staff pretty much the same. The new location is slightly bigger, which was a good thing since it meant less of a wait for a table (we waited for about 10 minutes and grabbed some margaritas at the bar before being seated).

We get seated, decide what we want to order, and order an app and our meals.  The app comes out and it's delicious.  However, not more than a minute or two after the app comes out, our main entrees come out.  We're slightly pissed at this because we wanted to relax and enjoy our app, but now had to rush it in order to get to our main entrees before they got cold.  However, we decided to let this slide and not say anything to the waitress because we figure its a kitchen timing issue and not her fault.  Plus the food was delicious as always.

We begin eating our main entrees.  For most of the time we are eating our main entrees, our waitress never comes over to ask how the dinner is, or if we need anything else.  We don't even see her to get her attention.  I was dying for another soda.  She finally comes over to grab out app plates, but before I could ask for a soda, she rushes off again, giving me no time to ask for one, or even flag her down.  When we are almost but not quite done with our dinner, she comes over and asks how everything is going.  We tell he the food was excellent.  At this point, I decide to skip to soda and stick with the water on the table since I know we will be done soon.  My husband, however, decides to order another soda, which she promptly brings to him.  He's drinking his soda and a couple of minutes later, she comes and whisks off our plates--without asking if we are all set.  I was done with mine, but my husband wasn't (which I didn't know).  He still has almost all his fries on his plate which he was still planning to eat, but couldn't tell her this because she was literally so fast he had no time to, not to mention he had a mouthful of soda at the time and would have choked.  His silverware wasn't in a position either that would indicate he was done.

She then comes over to drop off the check and asks how everything was.  My husband was honest, and said the food was excellent, but that he had never felt so rushed, the app came out at the same time as our entrees meaning we had to rush our meals or eat cold food.  Then he said to her, and you know, you took my plate in front of me with my fries away and I wasn't done with them, you never asked if I was done, and didn't even give me a chance to say something since you came and took them when I had a mouthful of soda..

Now any good waitperson would probably apologize at this point, and offer to get a fresh batch from the kitchen.  She did neither, and instead, tells my husband very defensively "well, they were sitting in front of you for a long time."  At this point, both of us can't believe she actually said that and are pissed.    I forget exactly what my husband said to her at this point, since he was still being matter of fact about it, and she asks "would you like to speak with a manager".  Hubby did something I have never seen him do before and told her yes, he did want to speak with one.  We explained the situation to the manager very calmly, how the food was excellent, but we were so rushed  that we really could not enjoy our meal.  Even though we weren't looking for anything, he ended up comping the app (half of which we did not eat in order to get to the entrees).  We also debated on how much to leave as a tip, and ended up leaving 10% of the bill, since we figured it wasn't fair to stiff the bus person because of the waitress.  We will go back because the food is terrific, but will hope we don't end up with her as a waitress again.
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