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Joy!...for now.

So. I posted just yesterday about how I wasn't able to get through the massive amount of fail that is my pcp's office staff.

Since then I have:

-Called my insurance and was able to lodge a complaint against it (anonymously) and told them specifically what happened.

-Ended up in the ER with a migraine that WOULD NOT GO AWAY.

-Was actually ABLE To get ahold of the doc! And wouldn't you know?? I ask for backup meds, while this is working out? He agrees it's the right choice and BAM! I get them. Amazing how that works. Since it was taking DAAAAAAAAAAAAAYS to have the staff talk to the doc. I talk to him in five minutes over the phone and it works! *facepalm*

-Now everything is WORKING OUT...and suddenly the staff is SUPERNICE to me. Gee. Wonder why.

So score one for me!

I am still looking for a Pain Management Doc around here, and the ER doc told me to not tell them I had a diagnosis, because it can screw your chances??? Which is wierd. But I'm going to give the PM place a call I want to get into...hope that goes well.

I also SHOULD have the meds I need by Fri/Saturday...hopefully.

Tags: *medical/pharmacy, follow-up, happy ending
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