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An ongoing battle.

Now, I'm pretty sure if you asked the doctor's staff? I'd be a customer_suck.

I'm gonna do this in letter format.

Dear Doc's Office Staff,

I love my doctor, I really do! He is kind, caring, awesome and gets things DONE. YOU? on the other hand? You don't. At all. I am never called back. Ever. Seriously! The ONLY time I've been called from you is because you're confirming appointments...appoinments which now you REFUSE to let me make?? What's up with that?
I am in pain. Alot of it. I've had fibromyalgia for 2 years now. It's not fun. In the least. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It breaks a person. I am one of those people. SO, please, STOP acting like you've NEVER heard I've had this before...and stop telling me shit and NOT telling the doctor. IF I get one more "What?" from him in the concerned I-was-never-told voice, as I bawl my eyes out from being in so much pain, I will snap.
It's incrediably RUDE to sigh in a pissy way when you hear my name when I call. Maybe if you did what you PROMISED to do, I wouldn't be called the next day, wondering WHY I am still in agony, and you are all taking 4 hour lunch breaks.
Back to the doc, WHY is he never told anything? When you SPECIFICALLY state to me you can't do anything until you talk to him?? When I talk to the doc directly? Shit gets DONE. I have my meds, I have my answers, and I am happy. When I talk to you all? I get to sit in agony for hours, watching the clock and praying for either you to call, or the guts to just drag myself to the ER and be told I need to call my doc...who doesn't call me back because he has NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON!
Also...please stop telling me to call my script in early (which I DO!) then tell me it's TOO EARLY TO FILL MY SCRIPT. You told me to call! I called! See?? I write this shit down! My script hasn't changed either! It's the same everytime. Why do you all act like this has NEVER happened before??

And to the secretary who yelled at me that I was being obnoxious when I called after being shoved off for 4 days?? YOU try not sleeping, eating and barely able to make it to the bathroom for 4 days and see how YOU feel. I was told I'd get a call back. NOTHING. I'm tired, it's FRIDAY, I KNOW you are all not going to call me. I ended up in the ER again.

Oh, and you after hours doctor? Sucks. Never calls back, never. You people have to have some phobia of a phone, don't you?? I'm sure if I was calling to give you a million dollars, you'd call me back ASAP.

I've been going through this for almost a YEAR with you guys! You know the drill!
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