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Faithless the Wonderboy

I Can Has TV Now?

This is still in development. I suppose it could turn out good, but, it's not looking like it.

Back in March 2009, my roommate and I pooled our money together and bought a 36 inch Dynex LCD screen from Best Buy. Fast forward to the first week of June 2009: aforementioned television breaks. It has not moved from its perch on our entertainment center. We watched it earlier that day, turned it on in the evening and the entire screen was just white. The picture was barely there. It looked like we were watching television through a waterfall of milk, to give you a sense of what the picture looked like. This was on every channel, even the menus, even when I'd boot up my PS3. Yeah. It's broken. This was on a Saturday night. Come Monday, we called Geek Squad.

This is Week 1, we'll start here.

Geek Squad comes out the next day, on Tuesday. They examine the television and say they need to order new parts. This will take a week. It sucks, but what can you do? We agree and wait.

On Week 2, Geek Squad comes back out with the parts. They examine the TV again and say that they need to order more parts, they didn't notice how much was broken the first time. They also say that this may or may not fix the television, they're unsure. This will take another week. A bit irritated, but understanding, we agree.

Week 3 comes around. Tuesday nothing, Wednesday nothing, Thursday we call them. Apparently some of the parts are delayed and won't be received until the following week. Definitely irate at this point, but polite and cordial on the phone. I phone Customer Service the next day. The guy I speak with is apologetic and reaffirms the "we'll get the parts next week" deal. He also says "Man, if you had called last week, we could've gotten you a new TV. But since the parts are in ship, it's against our policy now."

It is now Week 4. My roommate calls Best Buy yesterday to talk to someone about when the parts got there. The woman is confused. Apparently the parts aren't shipping until July 14th, which would bring us into Week 5. And even then, Geek Squad said that there's no guarantee that the parts will work. The customer service rep. submits us for a new television, but says there's a chance we may not be approved. We have to call back on Friday.

It's odd, because a lot of people I know hate Best Buy/Geek Squad but I always liked them. Up until now. I feel like we're being led in circles. It's just getting ridiculous. It was a three month old TV. If they have to order this many parts, maybe it's time to just replace it.
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