Gina (silvercatmon) wrote in bad_service,

More Bad Medical

I went to the same doctor as my Mom. My Mom thought she was great, “she'd sit and talks with you.”
Not with me, it was like 2 mins and she was out. I was going every month to get my blood sugar level check, they would poke my finger, which really hurts, but at least they weren't drawing blood, which scares me silly.

This time, I see the doctor and she tell me “A nurse will come in soon to check your blood sugar.” and leaves.
The nurse comes in with a syringe. I'm all wide eyed and said I thought they where checking my blood sugar on my finger. She saids “No, we're taking blood.” and moves towards me. I make a noise like a scared small animal and try to curl up in the chair. She sighs and leaves, doing something quick to my chart. I assume she going to get the finger pricker, since she didn't say anything.
I wait and wait. Another nurse walks by and stares as she walking. She walks by again and glares. The 3rd time she come in and angrily asked why I'm still here. I told her I'm waiting for them to prick my finger to take my blood sugar. Well she says they no longer do that and I should leave. She then gives me my chart.

My Mom is in the waiting room, I call her to me and we wait in line to be checked out. I tell her my story and she thinks she is going to have to pay for the blood test even though they didn't take it. I show my Mom the “Refused Blood” written on the chart, I tell her that I didn't think they would make her pay. My Mom see the doctor and calls her over and tells her what happened. The doctor is angry, says the nurse should have told her what happened and that she wanted to check something with my liver that's why they where going to draw blood (Shouldn't you have told me that earlier?). I did not want my blood drawn since I'm upset, but my Mom insisted.
They take me to a room, I'm crying and the same nurse who first tried to take my blood, gets yelled at by the doctor outside the room and then comes in. She comes over to me and says “You got me into trouble.” So now I'm shaking also because I'm afraid that she going to hurt me when she takes blood to get even. Once the needle goes in and it wasn't painful, I stopped being afraid and start getting angry thinking “”I” got HER in trouble?” “You screwed up and blame it on me?” at least that distracted me from the blood being drawn.

A few months later the doctor just up and closes her practice one day. People where coming in for appointments and she was no longer there. They had a small staff, taking care of the paper work that needed to be done, luckily my Mom heard about them and drove down and they gave her both of our medical charts.

The annoying thing is, if the nurse had just talked to me, I would have let her take my blood, after I had gotten my Mom to hold my hand. You're suppose to make at least one attempt at coaxing a small scared animal before given up, right?

Now I have a nice doctor who actually talks to me and has a nice staff.

Tags: *medical/pharmacy, bedside manners, pet vet/medical, small scared animal, tagger tags with love, you gotta speak up
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