AJ, Destroyer of Things. (fleurdelista) wrote in bad_service,
AJ, Destroyer of Things.

Irritation and Question for y'all.

I'm quite mad at this credit card company. Unfortunately I didn't catch the name of the place while I was on the phone with her. She was extremely rude to me and I do not appreciate that, especially while I'm at work. Here's the sitch:

The phone rang at the store, and I answered it as I usually do: "Thank you for Calling my place of employment, where you can do something; this is Amanda, how may I help you?"

The woman replies, "this is So and So from Such and Such Mastercard. You owe us a delinquent payment of over 1000 dollars."

"Excuse me, you've got the wrong person."

"No, this is your work number."

"Yeah, I got that, but I'm not who you're looking for."

"You're Amanda S-, right?"


"What's your last name?"

Here is where I made my fatal mistake. "I don't believe I have to give you that information, as I don't do business with you."

"Look, Amanda, I know you work there -- we've spoken to M- already before. You need to stop lying to us."

"I am not the Amanda you are looking for, and I am not giving you my last name!" And I hung up on her. Fucking listen, lady -- god forbid there be two people named Amanda that work at a place. OR three, like at my other store.

So my question is: should I have given her my last name? It would have saved me the hassle, but I don't do business with this company and I did not feel comfortable giving out that information to someone who wasn't my customer.
Tags: collections, credit cards, helpful comments, question
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