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do I have "LIAR" tattooed on my forehead or something?

This is the second time in two days that I've been called a liar by a company with which, until now, I've been more or less amiably doing business with.

Here's a run-down of the rebate process.

Me: Ooh, cheap monitor with rebate! Buy! I'll e-mail customer service so that I don't screw up! Customer service, it says here that a "facsimile" of an invoice is not acceptable for a rebate. Is a photocopy a facsimile?

Mechanical BenQ rep: No, a photocopy isn't the original, so it's a facsimile. You need to send your original in.

Me: Oh, okay! *sends in rebate form with invoice*

(three months later)

Me: Gee, this rebate is taking a long time! Maybe I should phone BenQ!

BenQ phone rep: I'm sorry, but there is no record of your claim in our system. But I can enter it in from here if you have your serial number.

Me: Yay! Thank you!

Friend: Hey, you know, you shouldn't have sent in your original receipt. Now you can't claim a warranty.

Me: WTF? But they told me to send it in! I think I'll e-mail the same rep I did about the rebate to ask what's going on with the original receipt!

(two weeks later, here's the e-mail that comes)

Hi there,

Please note that on the rebate form, it clearly states that a copy of your original receipt is needed for submitting your rebate. As well, the rebate form also states that you need to take copies of all documents for your reference. If it is not possible for you to obtain a copy of your receipt from the store you purchased then you do not have any claim to warranty of your product.

It is also my understanding that our customer service in the U.S has no information on Mail in Rebates thus, would not have provided you with that solution that you need to submit your original receipt. As the correct instructions are stated very clearly on the rebate form, it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions carefully for proper submission and retaining your documents.

My reply:

Dear [twit who thinks that calling her customers liars is a good way to make them like you],

When I originally asked the BenQ Canada customer service group for clarification, I did so because I know how easy it is for a rebate to not go through, and since the only reason I chose a BenQ model was because of the incentive offered by the rebate, I certainly was going to make sure I did everything right. The information you gave me in this e-mail is clearly at odds with the reply I got from customer service. Would you like me to send you the original e-mail I received from the BenQ Canada representative last November when I submitted a Web form through the BenQ Canada website to clarify exactly what I needed to do in order to receive the rebate before submitting any documents?

When I asked whether a photocopy would be sufficient, I was informed very specifically that no, a photocopy is a "facsimile", which (as is clearly stated on the rebate form), is not acceptable to claim a rebate. If the photocopy *was* acceptable, as you say so here, why would I have been told that it was not? What I ended up doing was making a photocopy of the invoice and sending the original to you, which seems to have been lost in processing anyhow, and so I needed to telephone the rebate centre to find this out. With luck, I will not need to make any warranty claims, but I still find it extremely disappointing how I can receive two very different answers from BenQ representatives when I asked exactly how to go about doing things so that no difficulties occurred.


So here's the question. What can I do now? I'm really incensed by being called a liar by someone Who Should Know Better when her own company told me what to do, and it was wrong. Quite frankly, I'm ready to get her into shit. And I really hope that I didn't clear out my old e-mails when I got everything sorted out (or so I thought) when the phone rep got my rebate information down. Any tech support workers here who can tell me the best way to phone the company and talk to higher-ups who can actually do something about this? I think I still have the original "no photocopy" e-mail in my inbox, though I fear I may have cleared it out once I talked to the phone rep -- always a bad move. [ETA: Nope, still have it. HA.]
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