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Car repair fraud

A while ago, I was rear-ended. More scary than anything; I wasn't really hurt and the lady was nice about it. At the time, I was driving a black Explorer Sport, and she had a white sedan. When she hit me, my tail pipe and muffler were bent down, and there was white paint transfer all over the thing.

Safeco and her insurance took care of me, and I was sent to a repair center in Bellevue, WA. My sister had dated the son of the guy who owned the place, and she had taken one of her (many) wrecks there with no problems. Well...

They had my car from about Thursday until Tuesday. I was told that it would be ready Monday, so when I didn't get a call by that night, I was a little "wtf?". I called the next morning to find out where my car was, and they said they had called my number and left a message. Well, my number ends in -1387, and my sister's ends in -1377. Easy mistake, since she had the same address at the time, and they already had her records. I thought it was a smidge weird that when they heard, "this is Mady, please leave me a message" instead of anything that even remotely sounds like "Rachel", my name, they didn't follow up with maybe thinking they had the wrong number. Whatever.

I picked up my car and drove off, thinking everything was hunky-dory. I then stopped by my parent's house to show them my car, and the invoice for the damage repair. My Dad and I looked over everything and noticed... hey, why is there still WHITE PAINT on my tail pipe? Is that the same goddamned tail pipe? Which would have been fine if they had just bent it back and fixed it that way. Except that they charged our insurance $800 for supposedly replacing that whole system down there, including the offending pipe.

My Dad was PISSED and called the repair center, since I didn't have the balls for it. No sooner did the words "INSURANCE FRAUD" leave his mouth did they inform him, "oh yeah, we have that part waiting in the office. Someone forgot to call you".

Oh. Really.

We drove back and they had it -actually- fixed by the next day. I wasn't really expecting an apology or anything (even though driving with a broken undercarriage might be a wee bit dangerous), but they kept playing it off like I had just picked up my car too soon. I'm not a litigious person, though I was definitely tempted to (have my Dad) bring it up with Safeco. Needless to say, I'll be going somewhere else next time someone plows into me.
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