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Early Wednesday morning, I got a parcel from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I haven't ordered anything from them lately, and all the things I have ordered in the past have been delivered when they were supposed to. There's no invoice in the package (which there always has been in the past), and it's clearly my name and address on the label.

I check my bank account and they haven't taken any money from me. I think maybe it's a labelling/shipping error, my mum suggests that it's a free promotional DVD. I don't see anything on the back to suggest that so I decide to talk to them anyway - if it is, no big deal - hey, free DVD! If it isn't, then they'll be able to send it to the right person.

(Still on Wednesday morning here) I email them. Give my name, explain the situation, ask them to get back to me.

Two days go by, and nothing. Normally I'd give it a little while longer, but whenever I've had to email them before they've always got back to me in less than a day.

So on Friday, I call. I explain what's going on, give my name and postcode. She reads off the last thing that they are on record as having sent me, which I confirm as having ordered and recieved (about three months ago). I tell her the name of the DVD I recieved, she puts me on hold for a little while and then comes back on the line, telling me that she can't get through because her manager is on the other line, but he will call me back within the hour. I check she's got my number, verify it, thank her and go on my merry way.

The rest of Friday comes and goes, with no call.

Saturday, I call again. Get through to a man this time, explain the situation, give my name and postcode. Tell him the name of the show I got, puts me on hold while he 'finds out what's going on'. He comes back on the line, clearly with no more idea of what's happened than he did before. He says he'll try and track down someone who might have the foggiest (my words, not his) and get back to me later that day. I say okay, check he's got my number, thank him and ring off.

No call.

Then it's Sunday, and I decide to leave it until Monday.

Monday morning, I call again. Explain what's going on, give my name and postcode. She requests the name of the show I recieved, I tell her. She tells me I am definitely not on record as having ordered it which, well, I already knew, but good to have conformation. Puts me on hold for a little while, tells me the manager is not there but should be back in the afternoon and she'll pass my message on. I say okay, I would really appreciate that since this isn't the first time I've tried to get through. Check they've got both my home and mobile numbers, thank her, and ring off.

And, you guessed it, no-one calls back.

Which brings us to today, Tuesday. I call, yet again, at just before midday. Speak to someone, explain what's going on, give my name and postcode (this is starting to be a reflex now, I had to restrain myself from reciting it to my grandmother when she rang earlier!) She puts me on hold for a little while, tells me that the manager is not there at the moment, but will get back to me as soon as he gets back off his lunch break. I say okay, but emphasise that I really do want to speak to someone, now, please (though politely). Check she's got my phone numbers. Thank her, ring off.

It's now seven o'clock at night and still nothing.

I am trying to help you here, people, please give me something to work with. If the person I need to speak to isn't there - tell me! I don't care! I'll call back next week and stop annoying you every five minutes! The constant fobbing off is doing my head in more than what's actually happened.
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