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Bad service from my own company

I'm a hairstylist, and though I don't work at a Regis salon, my salon is owned by their company. They allow us to order tools (shears, flatirons, combs, etc. etc.) through them at a discounted price through a program called Tools For The Pro. If we meet sales goals for the month, we get bonus points that can be used towards that stuff.

Back in April, for my birthday, my parents decided to give me $250 towards new shears. I pick out a pair I like from the TFTP catalog. They are $350, so I fill out a form for $250 to be taken out of my check and the rest, like 10,000 points, from my accumulated points. It's supposed to take 6-8 weeks. Fine. Everything is taken out of my April paycheck, so I figure early June at the latest.

Seven weeks go by. I hear nothing, I know nothing. My flatiron up and dies, so I order a new one. About a week later, it shows up. So a week for a flatiron, eight for the shears, no news? Seems odd to me, so I have my manager call.

"Oh, your shears are backordered. They're going to call within the next three days to let me know what's going on with them and when you'll get them."

That was about two weeks ago. Turns out I won't be getting them at all: today I got a slip simply saying the shears have been discontinued and I'll get a refund.

I am pissed. I heard NOTHING from them about the status of my order until I called them - if I hadn't, I'm not sure they would have even sent me anything. They sure didn't seem worried about it before I called. And they've had my money for almost three months. Three months! They couldn't check to make sure they could fill my order before taking my money? Gah. The whole situation pisses me off.
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