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Bad Mexican resteraunt

This is my first post here, so hello. :) I haven't really had bad service in the past but I loved reading other's posts...but tonight...ugh. Bad service. Might be karma.

My boyfriend (B) and I were go to go to my favorite Mexican place for dinner (I got a major Mexican craving while grocery shopping earlier). We arrived at said resteraunt and low and behold its closed for repairs. Im a little crestfallen, but like I said, I had gone grocery shopping so we had for at the house. B called his mother though and asked her if there were any other good places, she recommened this place only a few blocks away. Off we go! We arrive at new Mexican resteraunt and it looks like the first, so Im appeased. B and I go inside and wait to be seated, a waiter looks at us and sighs as if we have already caused him trouble. No biggy, whatever, Im okay with that. He grabs two menus and two silverware things and shows us our booth, where he then proceeds to throw our menus and silverware on the table and walk away, without greeting us without looking at us again, without saying a word. I grumble a little and sit, wanting to brush it off and expecting better service soon.
B and I then read our menus for a few moments waiting for the waiter to come back and take drink orders, I look around and see no waiter...two minutes pass...three...four...eight. Still no drinks. No water. No nothing. A nicer busboy brought us chips and salsa. We thank him and he smiles. Yay...nice person. Finally we see our waiter, helping other tables.
After a couple more minutes he comes back and with no smile or any greeting again just asks what we want to drink. I order water and B orders Mr. Pibb. The waiter (to my surprise) comes back fairly quickly, although like the first time, drops our drinks and straws on the table and walks away without looking at us at fact, his eyes are focused on the tables behind us (which he paid close attention to). He comes back again and we put in our order. We didn't wait long, maybe another 8 minutes or so for the food and it came. I was excited, finally my Mexican food!!! Yay! And again...disappointment. The food was horrible. Like, I only ate half my plate cause I was starving. B also ate a little of his food. We weren't pleased and desided to leave. We put our napkins and such on our plates, put our silverware down, pushed the plates away from us and everything, big signs we were finished. The waiter looked in our direction (I caught his eye at least four times), and he knew we were finished. B and I waited 20 minutes for him to bring us our check. In those 20 minutes he helped every table around us, looked at us. In those 20 minutes we pushed the plates around, folded napkins, looked off into space, texted, played footsie, ect. We were obviously done with our food and he wouldn't come clear the table or give us the damn check, everytime I tried to catch him when he walked by he pretended not to hear.
Finally, got the check and had to leave a $2 tip. (B doesn't believe in leaving extremely low tips because its very rude and fact, we usually leave, for good servers, a 30% or higher tip.)

Bah. Wanted to kick this guy.
Thanks for listening...reading...the rant. :)
Tags: *restaurant, no one cares it's your first time, tex-mex ain't as good as calimex, tex-mex food is delicious, whaar's mah tip?!, you gotta speak up
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