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More reasons why Bouncer!s Suck!

The last story made me think of my own bouncer story. Late October of 2003, my roommates and I want to this club in Worchester, MA (Shabooms) and I wound up being the target ofMr. Look How Cool I Am, I Stand Outside A Door For A Living.

Let me set the scene. I was twenty-one. I don't have a driver's liscence, but I do have a state-issued ID. The ID was also taken when I was seventeen and a brunette. Four years and a LOT of peroxide later, I looked a bit different. I also had my school ID just in case I got crap because I did have an out of state ID. TWO FORMS OF ID TO GET INTO A FUCKING CLUB.

I give the bouncer my ID, and this idiot starts yelling at me, demanding to know where I bought my ID. I told him, "The DMV in South Portland, Maine." I say to him that if he really has a problem with it, he doesn't have to give me a bracelet. It was an 18+ club, and I hadn't been planning on drinking anyway. The fact that I had a COLLEGE ID should have proven I was at least 18. Apparantly, that was not enough. He told me that I wasn't getting in and he was going to rip up my ID. I'm standing outside in a tiny tiny halter top and satin pants in late October in MASSACHUSETTES. I'm freezing my ass (and a few other things) off. I start freaking out when he tells me that he's going to destroy my only form of ID which I need to cash my paychecks AND use my credit card. I start crying, and saying, "I don't know what else to say to you. My ID is real. I was born August 13, 1982. I just want to go dance with my friends. I just want my ID back because I NEED it."

The other bouncer comes out and sees that I'm shivering and sobbing, and asks what the problem is. The other bouncer gives him my ID and says that I was trying to use a fake ID. Nice bouncer looks at my ID for about thirty seconds and says, "It's not fake. Leave the poor girl alone." He takes me inside and hands me off to my friends and tells them to buy me a drink and apologizes.

I know the guy was just doing his job, but there was no reason for him to be such a complete ASS about it. I even said he didn't have to give me a bracelet after he started all the bitching. What pissed me off even more was that he didn't even check my ID against the book that all bouncers have with every state's ID in it. He just wanted to push someone around, and decided that the little blonde girl would be his entertainment for the evening.

Mr. Bouncer, I hope your wife screws the mailman and gives you ass herpes.
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