Cai (last_writer) wrote in bad_service,

In Which O'Hare Loses Its Luster

New person, first post, wee?

This suck took place last month at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago. My family and I had flown out there for my grandparents' 50th anniversary. Fun was had, shirts were bought, hot dogs were eaten, and we were in the security line at checkout.

The rules say you have to have a valid ID and your boarding pass, right? I had both of those things. To clarify, I use an Arizona ID card. It's turned vertical and has "Under 21 Until [insert birthday here]" along the bottom of it. My father was ahead of me in line and passed through all right. I figured I'd do the same thing.

Then the security woman got a bug up her butt in regard to my ID card. She checked it with her UV light and kept giving me a mean look. She then demanded I provide a second ID with a photo attached. So I showed her my school card. She didn't like that one, either, and kept glaring at me.

She asked if I was flying alone and looked about ready to yank me out of line and send in the men in uniforms to interrogate me. Thank God Mom intervened and said I was with her, Dad, and my sister. The lady let me through after sighing heavily and giving me one more mean look for good measure.

Needless to say, I spent the walk to our gate somewhere between crying and going "grr" at the world in general.

Teel deer: security lady gets miffed at me and my scrawny Arizona self and gives me grief for no discernable reason. Day is ruined.
Tags: *airline/airport services, following rules =/= bad service, government agency, looking =/= accusing, no one cares it's your first time, someone needs a hug

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