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Your bedside manner sucks.

This entry reminded me of a similar doctor and my own mother.

This happened a few years ago, but it was so astoundingly callous that it stuck in my memory to this day.

My mother has had a congenital heart condition her entire life. As a child, she had to take medicine for it. Once she married (later than was usual), the doctors told her that her heart would never take the strain of a pregnancy. So they "took precautions".

She really wanted children, though, so I'm adopted.

A few years ago, well after she had gone through menopause, one of her doctors said offhandedly, "Oh, by the way, you would have been able to have children anyway."

....bwah? What is the &*@! point of telling her at this late date?

The unable-to-have-children issue has shaped her life and mine and had a significant impact on her marriage--why the hell tell her it was all pointless NOW?

Rubbing salt in the wound=bad service.

It still makes me angry.
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