Lady Norbert (ladynorbert) wrote in bad_service,
Lady Norbert

Old hospital suck

The recent medical posts reminded me of a hospital suck from a few years back, when I was acting as guardian of my younger sister while our mom was in India for a few weeks.

Sis, who was about thirteen at the time, developed a cyst on one eye, and was in severe pain. Having no idea what else to do, my husband (then my boyfriend) and I took her to the emergency room. It was around 11 at night, and there was only one other person in the waiting room, so we were admitted fairly quickly. Not expecting this to take very long, we left him in the waiting room and went into the exam room shown to us by the nurse.

It took two hours for us to be seen by the doctor, and I had to raise holy hell in order for that to happen. After the first 45 minutes had passed, I left the room and saw no one, so I went back to the waiting room and spoke to the very confused admitting nurse, who couldn't understand why we hadn't been seen already, since they'd treated someone with a sprained ankle in the meantime and she would have thought my sister's eye would take priority. She promised to send someone in to us, so I went back. Another half hour passed. We took to hanging out in the hallway outside the room, within clear sight of the nurses on duty. They ignored us.

When I finally went over and bitched them out for leaving us alone for so long, the nurse who had taken us into the room said, "Oh, are you still here? I thought you had left." She had seen us standing in the hall less than fifteen minutes earlier!

In, finally, came the doctor, who examined her and declared -- no lie -- that he didn't know what was wrong with her. He gave her some kind of medicine that he said "might help" and some gauze to cover her eye and sent us home. It was close to three in the morning by that point.

The cyst cleared up in a couple of days, and the hospital is (I'm told) now under new management.

tl;dr -- I took my sister to a very un-busy emergency room late at night and we were ignored for two hours, then told that the staff thought we had left without being treated.
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