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Hospital complaints.
I live in America and I understand bad service at hospitals is more expected than if I were to go into a mcdonalds inside a walmart wearing nothing but tin foil, but this kind of pissed me off, so I feel like complaining.

I came down sick on Thursday. By Friday, I had it BAD. I slept for 15 hours and had 3 naps before I made it as far as the bedroom floor for another nap. I even had to take a break while pulling on a blanket because that was such a hard task. My dad came to my apartment and took me to a minute clinic (they're run by a nurse practitioner who has very few supplies at her disposal) at CVS. She gave me good service, - a mono test, a flu test, and a strep test, all three came back negative. Due to my foul breath and nasty throat she decided it was strep and gave me antibiotics, letting me know that if I had trouble swallowing or breathing I was to go to a hospital.

Well, both happened at around 2am on Saturday morning. After about half an hour spent sobbing from the pain, being unable to swallow, talk, and having difficulty breathing I finally convinced my dad (through strongly worded notes) that it was time for me to seek a higher power in a lab coat. The front staff was nice, I got my own shiny room with a spiffy privacy curtain, and the nurses didn't mind my spitcup or notepad. Three hours later with occasional checkups from an extremely awesome nurse, I see first signs of my doctor. Now mind you, this wasn't a pleasant three hours. I spent most of it trying to breathe, spitting in a cup, spasming from pain, and at one point got a shooting migraine due to dehydration (hadn't had more than a cup of water all of Friday and went to bed on Thursday extremely dehydrated from physical activity) that was so bad I started hyperventilating.

Doctor comes in, says in a very condescending voice, "Oh, we have a little sore throat today, do we?" and proceeds to rush through a quick exam, in which he determines that I have a pus-filled abscess on my tonsil. I kept trying to get an IV drip of saline since I absolutely wasn't able to drink and he kept telling me it wasn't important, and leaves halfway through a question my father was asking. Half an hour later the nurse comes back in to numb my throat with a series of very foul forms of lydocaine that leave me dry heaving for several minutes, and the doctor rushes in to shoot my tonsil with even more lydocaine. He then takes a huge needle and proceeds to get out the pus, and instead gets... nothing. Tries again, same result. He actually takes the effort to look at my throat, and says that now that I'm numb and able to open my mouth more he can see that what he thought was an abscess... isn't. Apparently he couldn't bother to look before trying to STAB this abscess that he apparently couldn't even see. His response is basically, "too bad, so sad, oh well."

He then prescribes me 60mg of pregnazone (a steroid) for the next three days, and when my dad pipes up that that seems like an awful lot since his doses tend to be 5mg, the doctor calls my dads doc incompetent. The doc and the nurse insist I take it there despite the fact that I haven't eaten anything all day and am filled with about 5 different types of medications by this point and really, really didn't think I could handle another. Every time I tell them no, they rush out of the room to redo something, and come back 20 minutes later with the pills, completely forgetting that I turned them down until I eventually relent because I just want to get home and eat while my throat is still numb, but this little dance killed that option.

Unfortunately I made it all the way to my dads porch before I prove that my stomach can't in fact handle a 6th medication, I kind of wish I could have proven the jackass doctor wrong while still at the hospital. My dad also takes this time to point out the realization that he just had, my doctor kept talking about how I had strep, and to stay on the antibiotics even though it could still be a virus, and he never gave me a freaking strep test! If you're unsure what I have, clinging to one theory until it becomes accepted without any proof isn't the scientific way to do it, testing me to see what disease I have is.

The next day I actually manage to keep my pregnazone and spend the next two hours barely able to stand it, apparently 12x the dose they give a man twice my size is a bit much, and my roommate informs me that when her mom is in the hospital with an auto immune disease that leaves her unable to move, they only give her 10mg.

So I spent 5 hours in the hospital for them to stab an abscess I don't have, refuse to give me IV fluids for the massive dehydration I did have (even the lady at the minute clinic said I was really dehydrated, and that was 10 hours earlier), ignore me when I said I couldn't swallow 3 more pills on an empty stomach which I proved correct about, and fails to do any actual simple tests to see what was wrong with me to begin with. I know 2am isn't when hospitals keep their A list doctors on call, and I know that my "little sore throat" isn't as bad as a gunshot wound, but honestly, is it that hard to look at an abscess before stabbing at it repeatedly, listening to me when I say I need fluids and can't swallow more medication, and giving me a very simple swab test for a disease you're guessing I have really that hard? That's not even mentioning the fact that refused to answer half of our questions, was extremely condescending, and did nothing but talk down to me the entire time I was there. Jackass.
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