Your black and white needs a little bit of red. (lightningxsnow) wrote in bad_service,
Your black and white needs a little bit of red.

If you work in food service, shouldn't the food be edible?

Today, I decided to get bubble tea with a friend at Freshly Squeezed in a local mall. She ordered mango, I ordered green apple.

They both sucked. But that's not why the service sucked.

My bubble tea was really overly sweet, but I figured I couldn't do anything. It happens. Her bubble tea, however, was gross. I tried some of it - and it was made from some clearly unripe mango.

So, we went back to Freshly Squeezed, and my friend politely pointed out that it was really unripe and bitter.

Juice lady's response? "That happens sometimes when the mango isn't ripe." She said this very defensively.

My friend then asked politely if she could maybe have a small juice instead. This would be about half the price of the bad bubble tea.

Juice lady: "Sorry, no, since you already drank some of it." Her tone remained defensive.

No, she wasn't asking you to resell it. Isn't it common courtesy if you screw up someone's drink that badly to give them something else instead?
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