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Your witty banter is not so witty.

I am twenty-two. I do not have a driver's license (my eyesight is horrible), but I do have a valid state ID, and I enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage.

There is a conveniant store/gas station (Speedway) where I buy the aforementioned beer. On this particular evening, my aunt, who is driving me, sends me in to pick up two packs of cigarettes for her. I grab my six pack and head to the counter. Most of the evening shift clerks are on a familiar basis with me and don't even bother asking for identification now, but I'd only seen this guy a couple times before, so I understand why he needed to see it.

He did not, however, need to tell me I should get it updated, because it was still vertical (its still vertical because I can't drive, dummy).

I ignore it and tell him I need two packs of (particular brand) of cigarettes. His response? "No, you don't." And stands there for a few seconds, staring at me, before finally getting them.

He tells me my total. I reach into my pocket for my crumpled up money. Its wadded up badly, so I try to make it a little neater, but when I hand it to him, its still kind of rough looking. He shakes his head, spends about fifteen seconds smoothing it out, to no avail, and asks me, "What did you do to it?"

This isn't necessarily bad service, true. From what I understand this is common decorum from this particular guy.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, ^annoyance, inconvenience store
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