Anthy Lorrel (anthylorrel) wrote in bad_service,
Anthy Lorrel

All these recent cab stories reminded me of my own.

Suck 1:

I don't have a car, so I call a cab to take me home from Walmart when I'm buying a lot of groceries. I do this twice a month, and at this point, I had been doing it for almost a year, and usually got the same guy. It must have been his day off because I got some one new. I could barely understand him, but I managed to tell him where I was going. We took off, and he seemed to know where he was going... Then he picks up his phone and starts chatting with some one, and makes a wrong turn. I have to repeat myself several times before he even realizes I'm talking to him, and he gets all frustrated and goes back, to make the correct turn, and resumes talking on his phone. My street is coming up, and he was going fast enough to miss it, so I speak up again, and tell him it's the left at the next light. He goes "uh huh" and goes back to his phone call and... misses my street. UHG! And that's not the worst part. At this point I'm in the back seat going "HEY! HEY!" trying to get his attention. I finally do, and tell him that he missed my street. He YELLS at me "Well, you should have said something!!"

I was so freaking mad, that I was sorely tempted to do something illegal. Lol

The suck continues... By the time we get to my apartment, the fare was twice as much as it should have been, and after I paid him (he was still on the phone, btw.) he started to drive off with my groceries in the trunk. My fiancée had to chase him down the street, pounding on the side of the car for him to stop and come back and open the trunk. That was the last time I called that cab company.

Suck 2:

So, after than incident, I needed to find a new cab company to use. So I kept an eye out and got a few names from the sides of cars I saw on the street. I get the name United Cab. I look up their number in the phone book one morning about 45 minutes before I need to be at the vets office with my cats. It's a local area code, so I call it, give them my address and phone number... A half hour later, they're not here. I call them up... And they tell me that they couldn't send a cab, because the local number I called was somehow their office in the FLORIDA KEYS. Now, last I checked, Tampa =\= Florida keys. They gave me the number for their Tampa office, I called it, and an hour later, after I had missed my vet appointment, they call me up and say they have no drivers and refer me to another cab company. Luckily for me, this new cab company showed up 6 minutes after I called. Also, the vet squeezed me in when I told her what had happened. But that was a lot of cab suck.

**edited because I typed it on my iPod, and there were way to many spelling mistakes for me to let go. LOL

Tags: taxi/limo/rickshaw

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