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On Thursday, I stopped at the grocery to get some things and while I was there I realized that I'd forgotten my wallet. I brought my cart up to the customer service desk and asked if they could put it in the cooler while I ran home to get it. I explained that I was only 15 minutes away and would try to hurry.

The lady at the desk said, "I'm sorry I can't do that. I'd get fired."

Now that's not the suck. Policy is policy. It just reminded me of one of my pet peeves about service, the "I'd get fired" thing. Why not just say, "it's company policy"? Why personalize it? And why start with that?

It's a little thing but I've always found it to be unprofessional.

ETA So apparently I'm the only person that doesn't like this. My bad, I guess.

Tags: *grocer, ^annoyance, bitter: party of you, butthurt, defensive much?, following rules =/= bad service, huh?, it's only bad service if you die, one of those, too broke to pay attention?

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