kryceksangel (kryceksangel) wrote in bad_service,

A second hand information Suck

This will resemble Who's on First

My co-worker (G) went to Carl's Jr Friday and asked for a plain bacon cheeseburger.

Drive thru: A plain bacon cheeseburger? What do you want on it.

G: Nothing

DT: Okay a western burger

G: No a plain bacon cheeseburger

DT: A western burger?

This goes on for awhile and finally they get it right. Then it all goes downhill.

G: And an order of onion rings.

She pulls up to the window and guess what she gets? A western burger. The person who took her order is at the window and yells:

'Someone ordered her a western cheeseburger instead of a bacon cheeseburger!" She's then told to pull over and wait. They'll bring her food out.

Ten minutes later guess what she got?

2 Western Burgers. At least they were plain I guess.
Tags: *fast food, ^wtf

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