Lynette (lynbug) wrote in bad_service,

do bouncers count?

I'm posting here because when it comes down to it, a bar is still somewhere that you would expect decent service, and the bouncer is part of the staff

I've been battling a really bad cold for a week, and have been living off of tylenol flu medicine. Saturday I got bored with staying in the house, so I went out with my mom to the country bar :P (I have to tell the whole story, it ends up being slightly humourous)

We got there, were having a good time, and I figured "Ok, I haven't had a flu pill in over 12 hours, I'll have a drink". So I had a smirnoff cooler with the black label. Drank it, no problem, about an hour and a half later I had one more. Things were great.

Just after midnight I had the "Uh oh" feeling, so I went and bought a bottle of water, and went to the bathroom, knowing I was going to be sick. I did my thing, and was sitting on the toilet about to go pee, when some broad pops her head over the stalls and tells me I need to get up because she told the bouncer I was being sick, so they were going to kick me out.

I'm thinking "Uh, thanks, they think I'm a waste case", so I got up, went and got my coat from the coat check, and was about to go back into the bar to get my mom so I could go sit in the car. I know how bars are, they'll assume I'm drunk, so I wasn't going to cause any problems, I was just going to go chill in the car while my mom stayed. I knew it was my fault I was sick, meds+booze=stupid. I will be the first to admit that.

That's when the bouncer started. He refused to let me go get my mom. I said "Fine, you go get her". He then tries to tell me that they announced her name so she'll come out. Meanwhile, he has no idea who my mom is, and he's basically lying to me. A few minutes later, he tells me that I need to go wait outside. I said fine, and went outside, but it was freezing and I was getting annoyed. I went back inside, told him that I'm standing here until I get my mom. I tried to tell him what ACTUALLY was wrong with me, but he just kept doing the "Yeah, right" statement. At that moment, my mom was coming to find me, and the bouncer said to her "Get this drunk idiot out of my bar".

My mom lost it, what a sight that was. My mom, who's 53, was telling off this 300lbs bouncer. She went with me out to the car, grabbed me some gingerale from the convenience store, and went back inside. The guy my mom's seeing, Leo, was on his way out to check on me, and started talking to my mom right in front of the bouncer, who then realised that Leo is the owner's best friend. Suddenly the apologies started, the bouncer is saying "You never told me that it's a medicine reaction blahblahblah". So apparently if I go back next weekend I get free cover and the bouncer wants to apologize.

Either way, I know it did look bad, generally people puking in a bar are drunk, but it's not like I was staggering drunk. I had went and got water, did my business, and was fine after that. Since that chick had told the bouncer and I knew how bad it looked, I was getting my coat to leave the bar, but the guy was lying to me and being a dick, that was my problem.
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