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A gray area?

So, I went to the dr. 99.9% sure I have strep throat. I tell him this. I give him the reason I'm 99.9% sure. He ok's me and has the nurse/medical assistant come in to take blood.

I was a little confused by the blood taking, since, my son/the reason I probably have said problem, had a little throat swab and was done.
She makes me take off my clothes, get in a gown(???) and then tells me she's no good at getting blood from arms and has to take it from my hand. Do what ya gotta do lady, just please, please, give me what I need to get rid of this crud. She tries a few times with no luck, calls in the dr. and with his assistance (aka he grabs the tip of the needle and shoves it in my hand, yes, he touched it with his grubby little fingers), she gets it in and takes four tubes of blood. Again, ???. At this point my hand is turning black and I'm flipping out, on my feet and grabbing my clothes.
I leave the room and go into the bathroom. The toilet brush was in the middle of the bathroom floor w/ the plunger. The baseboards were black with dirt about 6 inches up the wall. I have filthy bachelor guy friends with cleaner toilets and the sink, somehow had, what I'm assuming, was a soap scum film and toothpaste splatters all over it, even though neither were anywhere in sight. I get dressed, open the door and the dr. is standing there, grabs my arm and takes me back into the room and starts handing me prescription sheets. There were four, he gave me a nasal spray for my "stuffy nose".
me "well, I don't have a stuffy nose"
him "yes, you do"
me "sniiiiiifffffffffffff, sniffffffffffffffffffff, snifffffffffffff, see, no stuffy nose"
him "yes, you do, just get the prescription"
me "uh"
other scripts: penicillin, a suppository for nausea (aaaaagaiiiiin,?????) and vicodin (WHAAAAAAATTTT!?)
me "really, I just want something to get rid of this problem, I don't have nausea or pain"
him "well, strep throat hurts"
me "uh"
At this point I want the hell out of there, I didn't even think about the fact that he hadn't diagnosed anything, especially since he hand't even LOOKED at my throat. I leave.
Two days later the nurse/medical ass. calls me.
her "Miss me, we really need you back into our office immediately, we've found something in your bloodwork we're extremely concerned with, can you make it in today?"
me "what the hell? what is it? ok"
So, I'm a little scared, only because a few months before I'd had congestive heart failure.
I go in. I go to sign in (they had a clipboard hanging from a door that opened to the nurses station)and my chart is sitting, open, on the counter, where anyone can see. I notice a check list of things they'd tested for, a basic panel for cholesterol, blah blah, stds and HIV!!!!! WHAT! I was pretty sure that here in Florida you have to sign a waiver for the HIV/Aids testing. I never signed this waiver.
The quack, err, dr. calls me in. There's a needle wrapped up in a dirty bandaid on the counter. He's wearing the same exact outfit from 2 days ago. He starts lecturing me about the virtues of family and monogamy and asking how well I know my "babies daddy". I laugh.
This happens:
him "well, the problem we're having is this, you're in a gray area"
me "a what?"
him "for syphilis, you might have syphilis. You know when something isn't quite black and isn't quite white, you know, it's gray, well, you're there. But, the great thing is, you don't have HIV."
me "are you really telling me this right now?"
him "we need more blood to confirm this, I'll have nurse/medical ass lady take more"
me "no, no you won't be taking me blood, look what you did to me." (my hand and wrist were bruised from the previous fiasco)
him "we need to retest to make sure you really don't have syphilis, it kills you know. But, we may have enough blood left over to get a good result, we'll call you"
We leave (husband drove me), I tell him that the good doc told me that he gave me syphilis, we have a good laugh.
The next day, nurse/medical ass. leaves a message on my voicemail, "yes, this is lady from docs office, you are fine, take care".
So, I called the insurance company that referred me to him, my personal nurse (that I spoke to daily on the phone because of my CHF from a couple months before, who also told me to go see a dr), the health department and the state medical board. We drove by his office about 5 weeks later and good ole doc no longer occupied that space.

Point: went to doctor for strep, never got diagnosed, was given lots of unnecessary meds, got told I might die of syphilis and, finally, made the sucker pay.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, ^wtf
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