Hayley (hayleymabob) wrote in bad_service,

not totally bad service, just a rude comment.

Okay so I've received worse service than this before in my life, but I still feel like bitching about it here :P

I was staying with my mother for a week, and on the drive home to my house we decided to go through the drive through at Red Rooster (It's an Australian fast food franchise)

So we order, no problems. Wait in the line, and we get up to the window where we pay and receive our food. My mother then noticed something, the girl who was preparing our food was preparing other people's food as well.

Naw, that's not the bad service. I've worked in fast food before, I know you do these things to get the food out as quickly as possible. But the way she was doing it was bad, she was slobbering all over her hand to easily open the fries/chip boxes.

Nah, that's part of the bad service, but not the part I want to bitch about.

My mother decided not to make a big deal, because she didn't slobber all over my box of chips. She did feel she had to say something though.

G: Make-up caked on rude girl who worked there
M: My mother

G: *passes out chips* yeah, here's your meal
M: Thanks. Hey not trying to sound rude, I know you're probably doing it subconciously, but you shouldn't be opening the chip boxes like you do. You don't know who could be watching, it could get you into trouble


It's hard to explain and show how rude it was I guess...but she said it in a REALLY rude tone, while doing the 'talk to the hand' motion whilst closing the window.

I know, not the worst service I've received (the food was yummy) but my god, if I did that whilst I worked in fast food, both the customer and my manager would have shot me. Then again, I know not to be rude to people trying to give me advice.

Tags: *fast food, dialogue seems slightly... exaggerated
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