Bella Bambina (sexilyevil) wrote in bad_service,
Bella Bambina

Creepy Cab Driver

The earlier taxi post reminded me of something similar that happened to me about two years ago, and still makes me uneasy about catching cabs.

Teal deer - cabbie got fresh with me while I tried to pay.

So, I'd been out in the city with a friend of mine, and she decided to go home early. As I was staying with her, she just told me to ring when I was outside. I hung around for a while, then I too decided I'd had enough, and went in search of a cab.

I walked down the main road in the city and flagged one down, got in, and rang a different friend of mine for a chat. Now, I noticed the driver was creepily scissoring me with his eyes the whole trip, but I ignored it because I was tipsy enough not to care, and he wasn't really being inappropriate. Yet.

We pull up outside my friends house, and I give him my card (I'm still on the phone to my other friend). I notice he keeps putting my card in upside down, and go to tell him, and he says in fractured English, 'card no work'. I tell him he's putting the card in the wrong way, and he keeps shaking his head and saying, 'no, card no work.' I figure we just have a language barrier between us, so I lean across the centre console (I was sitting in the back), get the card from him, and insert it myself. The second I put my pin in, he grabs the back of my head, turns my face to his, and sticks his tongue IN my mouth.

I panic, pull myself away, grab my phone from my lap and say to my friend, freaking out, 'the cabbie just kissed me. He freaking kissed me!' I see him looking at me in the mirror and the thing that annoyed me the most was that the bastard was smirking at me.

I jumped out, started screaming for my friend, and the driver (probably realising he should get out of there), drives off very quickly.

I didn't manage to get any of his details, and to be honest I was scared anyone I complained to would say, 'you were drunk, how can I believe you?' Stupid, but true.

Funnily enough, a week later cosmo mag Australia had an article about cabbies hitting on drunk girls and asking them for 'sexual favours' in lieu of fare. So freaking creepy.

This is the first time I've written about this cause it freaked me out so much - he was old and had a creepy beard.

Tags: omfg, taxi/limo/rickshaw

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