DreadNot (dreadnot) wrote in bad_service,

All the WTF I can handle

Long story short:
A taxi driver tried to take me to a cheap motel instead of to pick up my son.

Long story:
I was running behind to pick up my son for the first time from summer camp at the Y by 6:00 p.m. I think I was at the wrong bus stop on the corner of two major cross-streets (there's a stop on each of three corners of this intersection) and thus didn't pick up the bus that the transit website said I needed to get. I've never been there before and my ex picked the location, so it's insanely inconvenient for me.

After it became clear that if I didn't forget the bus and find another way, I was going to be late to pick up my son, I hustled over to a local upscale hotel that always has taxis waiting out front and grabbed a taxi.

I told the taxi driver that it was extremely important that I reach my destination by 6:00 to pick up my son.

He didn't know where the location was and couldn't find it on his GPS. There was some wrangling with other drivers trying to figure out the location. I told him I couldn't afford to waste time going somewhere that wasn't the right location.

We eventually got going and I was IMing with a friend as we were driving. He complimented me, told me I was beautiful, told me I needed a rest (I thought he meant I needed to relax, since I was quite stressed and his English wasn't fantastic).

He kept reaching back to touch my leg and I kept moving my leg. I wasn't sure if it was some weird cultural difference or what, I just wanted to make it to the Y by 6:00 to get my son and I wasn't planning a return trip with this jackass.

Then he pulled a U-turn and when I looked up from texting a friend about how creepy he was being, he was pulling into a cheap motel.

Cue: "WHAT THE --?"
Him: "You need a rest" and he reached back to touch me again.
Me: "-- YOU!" and I got out of the taxi and hustled back up the street away from him (it was a median-divided street, so he couldn't follow me). I got off a few more shouted profanities and made it to a place out of his sight to (shaking) call my ex and tell him what happened and ask him to get our son for me.

So that? Is the worst service I've had in years.

ETA: I'll note that I really wish I'd been self-possessed enough when he pulled that stunt to have gotten his name from the inevitable hack license thing that's on display, but I was way more interested in getting faaaaaaaaaar away from him before things went from WTF to much, much worse. For everyone saying call the cab company, that's not possible. This city has many cab companies and all I know is that the cab was yellow, not which yellow cab company it was affiliated with.

ETA2 (Thursday a.m.): I called the police last night and gave them a statement. I have no expectation that anything will come of that given the number of details I don't have, but I did call them.
Tags: omfg, taxi/limo/rickshaw
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