Loafing oafs in all-night chemists (obscurityknocks) wrote in bad_service,
Loafing oafs in all-night chemists

It's a long time since this happened, but it was so monumental a suck (to my sheltered mind) that it's stayed fresh in my mind.

My friends and I decided to go on a daytrip to Camden Town (In London for those that don't know) and I popped in to FOPP, a music shop, to pick up a DVD. I'd gone to the cashpoint and drawn out £20 about ten minutes earlier, and was quite taken with the novelty of owning a new £20 note which had come out the day before. I went downstairs to the DVD section, chose what I wanted, and took it to the counter.

Cashier: 'That's £9.99, please.'

*I hand over note*

Cashier: *in amazingly snobby and frankly disgusted tone*'  What's this?'

Me: 'Um..a 20 pound note?'

Cashier: 'No, it isn't.'

Me: 'Nono, it's the new note -  y'know? Been on the news and everything, you must have heard about it.'

Cashier: 'There's no reason for them to bring out a new note. I don't think so.'

Me: 'Okay...erm, go and get the manager? We'll resolve this. I assure you I'm telling the truth.'

Cashier: 'You want me to go upstairs and get my manager?'

Me: 'If you would.'

Cashier: 'I'm not doing that. You want me to go upstairs and get her? No. No. I'm not doing that.'

Me: *confused beyond all belief* 'All right, I'll go!'

I go upstairs, get hold of a manager and ask her to come downstairs and sort it all out.

Manager: 'It's fine. Honestly, you can take the note, it's the new one.'

Cashier: 'No. I'm not taking it. I don't want it in my till!'

* They banter back and forth and manager is visibly embarrased. She finally gives up*

Manager: (to me, making towards the stairs) 'Do you want to come upstairs and purchase it? I'm so sorry about this. I don't know what's wrong with him! Maybe he's having his period, ahaha!'

Me: '...ahaha. Er, okay then.'

I buy the DVD and go on my merry way, but to this day I don't know what was wrong with that stuck-up idiot.

Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, bizzaro
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