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Bus Company Mess-up


I’ve been lurking for a little while but this happened to my daughter’s pre-school on Monday and I thought I’d share it with you.

Monday was the pre-school trip, the first school trip for the majority of the children, who were all aged between two and four.

The bus was booked three weeks previously. The Secretary had been in regular contact with them, the money had been paid in advance, and it’s the same bus company that the primary school uses, and who always does the annual pre-school trip. It's also only based 10 minutes away. Everything was set up and the children were bouncing with excitement.

Except the bus wasn’t there at 9:15 as booked. Well, that’s alright, traffic and all that. But when it still wasn’t there at 9:30 we started to panic a little, and rang the bus company. At first they told us that we hadn’t booked anything. Not a good start. But eventually, after another fifteen minutes, they find that we’ve been put in the wrong diary, and they’ll send someone straight out to us. They should be with us by 10am.

We’re all a little peeved by this time. The children are bored and restless, and it’s one of the hottest days of the years so far. The bus doesn’t arrive until 10:15, an hour late. If that’s not bad enough the driver is a novice who doesn’t know where she’s going. The bus company has sent her with a route plan, one that any idiot could see that a bus can’t do.

By the time an alternative route is figured out, and taken, it’s midday before we get there, and the kids only have two hours at the farm, Instead of the 3 and a half they should have had.

What an experience for a first school trip!
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