christine (cme2694) wrote in bad_service,


We've had Comcast cable and internet for almost a year now with no problems. Until last night.

We had ordered a Tivo-type thing, but not the brand name one - the one we can rent from Comcast for a few bucks a month. A guy had to come out and install it, and he'd be out on Monday, from 1-5.

My fiance takes a half day off work to go and sit at home. And sit, and sit, and sit. He finally calls Comcast at about 4:50, asking if this is actually going to happen. They said that they will get ahold of the installer, and have the installer call us. It might take about a half hour. So, at 5:30, when we received no phone call, he calls Comcast back. Same thing - only this time they say that it might take up to an hour to call back.

We received no phone call last night.

I understand that they have to give us the "window of time" that the service guy would come out. I'm really pissed that the installer never called us back. We also had plans for last night - around 6:30pm - which we had to cancel.

I don't want to cancel our service, as we really have liked them up until now. Do we have any recourse? I told my fiance when he calls that he wants a month of service free, as he had to take a half day off work for nothing - and now will have to take another one, as the service guy never showed up. Is that reasonable?
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