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Papa Johns

This is a story my girlfriend told me happened during her childhood and I feel it belongs here:

So my girlfriend is about 9 and her older sister is 15. Mom's at work and kid's left with pizza money. They order up some dinner and wait. An hour goes by and nothing has come. They call and the workers confirm the pizza man has left and should be there any moment. Another 1/2 hour goes by and nothing. They call back, a fresh order is made and sent by another pizza boy. Everyone's happy.

Fast forward, the older sister is awoken by a knock at the door. The clock reads 2 AM. It's the original pizza guy, holding the original pizza. Okay it's winter and the pizza has frost clearly visible on it. He's incredibly drunk. He then says:

Pizza Guy: "Uh... I forgot your pop, want me to got back for it?"

Yeah...that guy's been fired.
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