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And I Still Don't Have My Computer Back

On Sunday the 21st my computer decided it didn't want to charge anymore. It wasn't the cable itself, but the jack inside the computer became loose. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to find a repair place open on a Sunday and given the circumstances of everything, I needed to get it into a place on Sunday or rely on my mom to bring it in somewhere during the week. The main reason why I wanted to get my computer in somewhere quickly was because this last Friday (the 26th) I had a scheduled surgery. And since I'm just laying on my back for the next 2 weeks I was hoping I'd get my computer back in plenty of time to keep me occupied.

So after looking at yelp.com I found a computer repair place open on Sundays until relatively late in the evening (7PM). It was about 5PM and my brother and I drove to Spectrum Computer Depot in San Francisco to get an estimate. We got to the store and there was another party in front of us. We waited a few minutes and then someone came to help us. All of the service I received in the store that day was great.

They estimated $160, to get the piece in that they needed and for the labor cost. They also noted that the delivery of the part would take 2-3 business days and that the labor would take 1 day, but maybe 2 if they were busy. Based on these estimates the computer should have been done by Thursday or Friday.

On Thursday I called to see when it looked like it was going to be done. After putting me on hold for several minutes the guy came back on the phone and apologized, explaining that the piece they needed to repair my computer had been delayed and wouldn't be in until the following day. I asked him if he knew when the computer would be done and he said that by Friday evening it should be done.

Friday evening, my mother calls for me (because I still all messed up from anesthesia) to ask if the computer is ready. Again, they tell her no. My mom asks again when it will be done and they said by Sunday.

My mom calls Sunday afternoon and AGAIN they still haven't fixed my computer. My mom told the guy on the phone that she has a daughter on the couch unable to walk due to a recent surgery waiting on her computer. The guy apologized and said he'd have it done by Sunday evening and would call us when it was done.

Did we ever get a call? No.
I called them again today and the guy on the phone said that the piece has been replaced by they had diagnostic tests to run on the computer and see if it's working The guy told me that by 2PM tomorrow I should call again and it should all be done. At this point I am really frustrated that they've had my computer for over a week and have not once contacted me to let me know what's going on or given me appropriate guesses of when the computer will be done.

I told the guy on the phone that I was getting frustrated that they told me I could have the computer back last week and as of tomorrow they'll have had my computer for 10 days. He again blamed it on the fact that their shipment was delayed. I told him it would have been kind had someone contacted me when they found out the whole thing was going to get delayed, rather than me keep calling and them keep telling me new dates/times.

Hopefully it's done tomorrow, but at this point I'm wishing I had just invested in a netbook. And I will never use this place again.
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