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 For what it's worth, I know it's weird I'm 27, live in the US & don't have a driver's license.
Today I went to get my permit because mine is expired & a friend offered to drive with me on weekend. Luckily I'd bribed another friend with lunch because I had to go to 2 different DMV's.
The first DMV has a sign up that says they don't do permit testing but you can get your id if you've already taken the written test. I google other nearby DMV locations & the phone lines are all busy so we just go to another one nearby. (Strangely, permit testing is not listed as a service offered or not offered at different sites on the website). We go to another DMV & they have the same sign. The line is fairly short so I ask why this is. Apparently of the 20-odd DMV's in my city, there is only one where you can take the written permit test. In a state where driver's ed isn't taught in public schools. 
The bonus to this?: that DMV isn't on a bus line, while about 15 of the other ones are. If you don't drive & want a permit, how does that make sense? 

Tags: bizzaro, government agency
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