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ASDA cafe suck

Yesterday, me and my hubby decided to pop into ASDA's (UK equivalent of Walmart) cafe because it's cheap and we were hungry. The menu board says they have baguettes but since they're not on offer I have to ask the cashier (who was also the manager) what ones they have. He begins by describing the "roast of the day sandwich" which is not only different to what I asked for, but about double the price. This is minor, so eventually I get my baguette. My hubby orders a chicken and mushroom slice, and the manager tells us they don't have it because it's "after 2.30". (No times are specified on the menu board) Hubby says that "no, it's 2 o'clock" and the manager just grins and says "exactly" At this point we have no idea what he's talking about so hubby just orders chips, and we both buy a pre-packaged brownie each.

So, we pay, sit down and wait for our food, my baguette arrives and is fine. Hubby waits for his chips - these are not made to order but simply in a heated "pot" next to the cash desk. Eventually he goes up and asks if he should just get them himself, and the manager scoops some up and give them to him - until this point he and the other server (nice server) had been doing nothing. I guess he forgot just seems odd when he has nothing to do, and the chips are right in front of him.  The food is all right, but hubby notices the brownies taste funny (at this point I've eaten most of it myself). He looks at the package - use by June 23. *headdesk* These things have eggs so it's not a brilliant idea to leave them there for nearly a week past the use date. Luckily, when we alert nice server he takes us straight to the store's customer service desk instead of the cafe manager. Luckily, my stomach's fine but seriously! How did this guy make it to manager?
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