Rachel (supersixone) wrote in bad_service,

Hi there, first post. Anyway...

A couple weeks ago my friends and I decided to go a bar in NYC to see a band we like. As usual, there was a 2 drink minimum per person. Okay, fine. The waitress suddenly appears behind me and barks WHAT DO YOU WANT? No hello, no niceties. Well okay, maybe she's just very busy. I don't feel like spending money on alcohol, so I order a Sprite.

The grumpy waitress reappears about an eon later with my Sprite and says THREE DOLLARS! Hmm...okay. Normally you run a tab on the table and we all pay at the end of the night, but that's okay, I can pay now. So I hand her a $5 bill. She hands me back two $1 bills, and I put them in my wallet. The bitch is still standing there. And standing there. And standing there. Finally I look up.

Me: The what?!
Her: The SERVICE CHARGE! It's customary to give 10%...no wait, 15, yes 15 percent -
Me: *getting fed up* Oh, you mean a TIP.
Her: *grunt*
Me: I thought that was for when you were satisfied with your service...I'm not.

So she hovers over me glaring until I finally give her a dollar just to make her take her ugly face out of my eyeshot. Now, please note that I had every intention to tip her at the end of the night, like I ALWAYS do when I go somewhere to see a show that has a two drink minimum. If I have to have another drink, I will tip on the total bill, when the evening is over and I have spent all I am going to spend. What ticks me off is that you do not demand a tip. I asked others in the bar that night and she'd done the same thing to everyone. If you provide such lousy service that no one wants to tip you, the correct response is not to intimidate the customers into giving tips.

At least I got off without ordering a second drink.

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