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Oil change story reminded me....

Haha, oh car places. I have had my fair share of the shear crappyness that is Jiffy Lube, Midas and others. I'll post my stories under the cut because it's going to be 2/3 stories....

1) Oh Jiffy Lube. I've gone to the same jiffy lube for almost 7 years to get my oil changes. They know not to try and up-sell me all this crazy shit because i have an idea of what they're talking about when they pull me out to the bay. Now, i even get them to walk me to my car to show me everything because of one specific incident. I had a 97' Chevy Malibu, it was my baby at the time. I got an oil change and left, thinking everything was fine. Within 1-2 hours my check oil light came on. At this point it was long after closing time so there was nothing i could do. I parked at my boyfriends and proceeded to check my oil level. What! No Oil?! Surely you jest>! So i look under my car, and there is the biggest puddle of oil i have ever seen. Evidently my oil must not have liked its new home because it decided to migrate to the asphalt. I HAD to drive home ( my bfs parents wouldn't let me spend the night... i was 22, lame), which was luckily only 5 miles away. I called said Jiffy Lube in the morning, and told them what happened. The guy on the phone proceeded to tell me that it was reserve oil dripping out of some bar that is located beneath my oil pan or something. when i told him this was not a drip that it was a puddle of oil, he did not believe me. After some banter back and forth i finally said " Sir, i may be a female, but i'm pretty sure i know the difference between a oil DRIP and oil POURING out of my car. DRIPS do not make PUDDLES. Because there is most CERTAINLY a puddle below my car with no oil in the car." They told me to come in and the manager spoke to me, apologized and all that jazz. He even refunded my money , but im sure this incident eventually lead to engine problems i had within 1-2 months. And the fact that the tech didnt believe me when i said it was POURING out of my car. really, drips and oil pouring out of the cars are two completely different things..... ( come to find out the night before the tech had forgotten to put a screw/ nut/bolt back on that caused all my oil to leak out of the car... nice!)

2) Midas, never will i EVER walk back through your doors. I should have learned my leason the first time when i got new tires and brake pads on my car. You didnt even have my tires in stock and made me wait almost 6 hours for you to find some to replaced my completely bald tires. I also needed new rotors, but i pass ( lack of funds) and return 6 months later when i fianlly have saved up the cash to have this work done. It was a snowy day in upstate NY. I waited in your office from 8 am... until 6pm. 8 hours! Because, low and behold you once again did not have the parts , and your trucks stopped running due to the snow. The snow, which had stopped around 11 am and was no longer covering the roads. The lack of ice, which kept your trucks at the warehouse or whatever. Instead you had to send one of your employees to retrieve my parts, and somehow that took 3 hours?! Then, you break my emergency/ parking break. I never used it, and you decided testing it was a good idea, and it broke , and no longer worked and made my breaks squeal even more. When i asked you about this you said " Oh, it should release itself in a day or two , if it doesnt come back and we'll do it for you " Ok, well why not do it now?! These guys also told me my car was in amazingly good shape ( I had a Daewoo at this point... omg worst thing to ever have for major parts) and they were amazed due to the fact it was a Daewoo with almost 100,000 miles yada yada. All in all it cost me over $900 to sit in their office for 8 hours. The emergency break never fixed itself and within one weak the header in my engine had cracked so bad my engine was shooting coolant out of it. Thank you Midas! for being the ass-crack of car shops. There was NO way my coolant hadnt been leaking before the header cracked. There was no way they didnt notice this. They told me my car was fine to get my money for all the work on my breaks. And when i asked about a discount on the fact i had to wait 8 hours for something because you kept telling me " Oh only two hours, no maybe just one more hour... Oh just 1/2 an hour more." YOU LAUGHED AT ME! And the fact you didnt even tell me your company trucks werent running stuff, i had to ASK you where my parts were. You hosed me....

ULTIMATE FAIL. I'll stick to my mechanic who my family has been using for 3 generations. My bad.

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