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Because a little bit of logic is too much to ask.

I turned 18 about three weeks ago, and to pseudo-celebrate, I opened a checking account. I've needed one for a while, so it was a big relief for me. All the woman offered me when I opened the account was a Visa check card, and I really didn't want one of those. I turned it down politely.

Two days later, I went to the bank to go deposit a check I got in the mail. I ask the teller if I can get an ATM card - you know, the kind you actually can put in an ATM and get money out with. She says that I turned one down. No, I think, I turned down a Visa check card, not an ATM card. They're different.

So she hands me a form to get a card and I fill it out. This includes what name I want on the card, where I live, the account number I want the card to access, and my signature. She says it will take 7-10 business days. So I go about my merry little way, happy that I'll get a card.

A week passes by.

I get a letter in the mail saying that there appears to already be a card issued to the account, but if I want a replacement, I should call blah-blah and 1.800.blah-blah-blah.

Hrm. This is odd.

I go to the bank the following Monday and ask the SAME teller (I think she knows me by name now) about it. She looks it up and, whaddaya know, I don't have an ATM card. My mother has the same name as I do - the exact same name, actually. First, middle, and last. So, along with a new application, she sends a screenshot that proves that it's my mother's account that has the ATM card, not mine, to wherever those go.

Five days pass by.

I get a letter in the mail again saying that there appears to already be a card issued to the account, yadda yadda yadda. You get the drill.

Uhh... what?

Apparently, my bank didn't bother to look at the account number, just the name. You'd figure, if you had two people of the same name in the system, that you'd look up the numbers and try to match them. I live in South Texas, so there's a TON of people with the name Ramirez, Garcia, Rodriguez, etc. At my school alone, there's probably at least 20 kids who have the same name as someone. If we can keep up with it in high school, you should be able to keep up with it at a bank.
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