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Car Service - Going our way.

So no secret here I live in NYC. Ive had bronchitis for just over three weeks and its not been fun. The first couple weeks I was back and forth to my doctors office a lot, and since I was having a bad time with the whole coughing vs breathing thing, I took a lot of car service. (Rule of thumb: If there is a high probability of coughing so hard you double over, do not rely on public transportation because you might fall and hurt yourself/someone else.)

So one day I get this driver

Now I live about two and a half miles from my doctors office, and its a pretty straight trip from the house to there. Down 2 blocks to the wide (three lanes of traffic each way) avenue, turn onto the avenue then go 23 blocks over, then down one more block. (That's the fastest way but its always some variation of 23 blocks over 4 blocks down.) There are a few major (two way) streets but not many and really there isnt a reason to use them since the doctors office is right on the avenue, and if you stick to the regular streets its 15-20min door to door service, and the car will always be on the same side of the street as the office door. Its the middle of the day in the outer boroughs, Traffic shouldnt be an issue.

When I got in the car the driver turned back and asked me "You're going to (street) right?" "No Im going to (different street)." "Oh ok" And off we went. I opened my kindle and started to read. We made a turn I wasnt expecting and I looked up to find we were on the highway. Huh? So I asked him why we were on the highway and was ignored... he got off at the next exit which already put me past my destination, and now on the wrong side of the avenue when we got there. I figured ok I can cross an avenue no big deal. Better that than him trying a u turn or something.

Now like I said there are major streets that are 2way like the avenues. The one a quarter mile up past the dr's office has been under construction for the past couple of years and is always a traffic jam. Unfortunately taking the highway put this street between me and the doctors. Of course the driver decided to use this street to go down to the right avenue. We spent fifteen minuites to go down the two blocks I was biting my cheek to keep from snarking off at him at this point. He makes the right turn and stops one block off the major street, still four blocks away from my doctors office, turns and looks at me expectantly.

"This street right?" I look up at the street sign, this is exactly the street I told him I did NOT want to go to. "Umm no I wanted (the street four blocks closer to my house) that's why I was surprised you got on the highway." "OH! Ok."

So he drives me over to the correct street and then realizes we are on the wrong side and tries to pull a U turn. I manage to talk him out of it and pay the fare. Yes he got his tip, I felt bad for getting upset with him.

I know it isnt horrible service, it was just aggrivating.

EDIT: Just for clarity: Avenues go east/west (across), and are 2 way traffic, Streets are usually one way and go north/south (up or down).
Tags: taxi/limo/rickshaw
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