Baby (ex_tooshay) wrote in bad_service,

Sushi WTF

So I go get sushi at the same place all the time. I go with friends, I get take out, I'm there a lot. The other day when I was picking up my usual take out order, I noticed something, dare I say, fishy.

I had added something to my take out order when I got there so I was sitting at the bar browsing the menu. I asked my waitress if I could just pay while I was waiting so I gave her my credit card and she gave me my receipt.

Now at this restaurant, when you call you tell them your phone number and they say "Ok, is this Sarah?" and I say "Yes, I'd like blah blah blah....."

So I'm still waiting and bored and looking at my receipt and instead of saying Sarah Lastname, it says Sarah Lesbo.

My last name isn't Lesbo, it doesn't sound anything like Lesbo and really I'm pretty sure this isn't some sort of honest mistake. I'm pretty shocked that this is printed on the receipt they gave me. I don't know whether to laugh or be pissed or what.

When my waitress walks back by I get her attention and straight up ask her "Excuse me, but what is this suppose to mean?"

She looks at it and drops her jaw. Another waiter next to her kinda peeks and giggles. I'm all WTF? She then, honestly embarrassed, tells me that some of the people who take calls do this sort of thing as a joke and that it doesn't mean anything and "We really don't know anything like that about you."

She apologized but she didn't offer to change it or do anything else about the situation. My food came right after that and I just left. It's probably still in the system like that. Part of me doesn't really care if it was suppose to be mean or if it was really a joke, but I wonder if I should call and complain.

Tags: *restaurant, ^wtf
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