ultimate_cin (ultimate_cin) wrote in bad_service,

AT&T/Cingular/whatever the hell they're calling themselves this week....

Last year, I had an account with AT&T Wireless and I added a line onto my account for my dad, so that he would have a cell phone, mostly in case his truck broke down. I have had nothing but trouble from them since - I moved my account to Alltell (which is fantastic, btw) but I have to keep his line with AT&T until my contract expires this December. Anyway....

We moved back in December, and I called AT&T about one week after we moved to pay the bill and to let them know about my change of address. Fine. My new bill from them came about a week ago to the new address. I think everything is fine - until I tried calling them to make my payment. I went through all the steps...the automated system told me it was running my credit card...and then it would not allow my payment to go through because of a problem with my zip code not matching. I tried it again. And again.

So....I tried using their website. I managed to log in - but every time I clicked the "next" button to take me to the payment portion, I got the "Page not available - please reload or try later" message.

Really ticked off by this point, I called from work the following morning - after about 20 minutes of trying to wade my way through the automated system, I finally got a real live person on the phone. When I told her my situation, she proceeded to tell me that my old zip code was still in the system, and that if that happens to me again in the automated system, to enter my old zip code instead of the current one. WTF? I asked her how in the heck my old zip code could still be in the system when the bill had been sent to my new address, and she said that it was a "glitch in the system."


I told her that I had called and notified them of my change of address nearly two months ago, and she said "Oh, sometimes it takes up to three months to change in the system." But yet, funnily enough, my bill CAME TO THE CORRECT ADDRESS. Does their automated system just decide on a whim, "I'm going to screw this customer up...I'm going to send her bill to the right address, but make her put her old zip code in to pay her bill....BWAHAHAHAHA!"

Then she said to me, "Well, you know, if you have trouble paying through the automated phone system, you can always try our website." I very patiently (since I was about ready to blow my stack) said, "Yes, I know, I tried that, and I couldn't pay my bill using that either, because the site wasn't available."


I swear, if it wasn't for that $250 early termination fee, I'd pull the account right now and switch it to Alltell with mine....

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