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Down here in Atlanta (and maybe elsewhere, unsure) there's a chain of restaurants called Taco Mac. The title is slightly misleading as it's merely a sports bar with the traditional burgers and such, but my friends and I love the place due to the impressive beer selection. We've been there many times over the past few years, and have gone back since this happened, and it was probably the worst service I've seen in a restaurant, but it got somewhat resolved in the end. This particular bad service took place about a month ago.

There were seven of us, so taking the time with names would be annoying, but our waitress was named P. We got to the restaurant around 8 or so, are seated, and we all place our drink orders with P. Time goes by. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. P comes back and takes our drink orders...again. They're a bit busy, so we tell her we gave them before, but tell her our drinks again. She apologizes and goes back. A few minutes later she comes to take our food orders. We ask her about the drinks. Her reply was "Oh...if they're not here...they're probably still at the window..." and kind of just stands there for a minute blankly. My friends and I look around, fairly confused. Eventually she goes off and comes back a few minutes later with our drinks.

P takes our food order, and we put the drink thing behind us, assuming it was just a mess up. Our food comes out, and out of the seven of us, three dishes are partially wrong, and one person doesn't even get theirs. One person ordered a chicken sandwich and fries, but instead of fries got apples. One person ordered a chicken garden wrap that mysteriously came without lettuce. And another person ordered a chicken caesar salad that came without chicken. My friend R (giving a name here makes it easier) tells P she didn't get her food. P looks at her tablet confused and says "I thought you said you weren't eating?" R, who was actually fairly hungry, says "No, I ordered the second chicken garden wrap." P ventures off and comes back ten minutes later with a bacon cheeseburger for R. R replies "I ordered a chicken garden wrap, not a burger." P looks surprised and takes the burger away. Another ten minutes go by, none of us have touched our food because we didn't want to eat until R got her food. P finally brings out the right food, and much eating commences. At this point, I ask for a glass of water. P leaves, comes back, and drops it in my lap. That was some cold water, to be certain.

Bill time. P says she'll get us our bills and take home boxes. Wait, wait, wait. Wait for about twenty minutes. R goes over to talk to the bartender, whom we're acquainted with after frequenting that area over the past few years. The bartender comes back to our table and says he saw P talking to the manager because P messed up our checks. Eventually P comes back with a bunch of little scraps of paper and asks us to go over our orders again. We do, and she leaves. Ten minutes pass by, and she gives us all our bills. Five are okay, two look like they belonged to completely different tables though. She comes back and we tell her and she says "You don't have to tip me, I'll fix it." I was slightly aghast, because I always leave a tip for no matter how crappy the service turns out. I ask P if I can see her manager.

Things get better here. Manager comes out and we tell him the tale of the night. He's fairly taken aback and has us pass our checks to him, which he promptly tears up, and informs us that we will never get treated that badly again. None of us carry much cash on us, but we threw about seven or eight dollars combined onto the table as a tip. Aforementioned bartender returns and tells us that this is the fifth meal in about three weeks the manager had to comp because of P. Ouch.

Been back a few times since, haven't seen P. I feel a bit bad, but comping that many meals in that short amount of time because of one waitress is a bit ludicrous.
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