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Sometimes I think I should shut up and keep the two bucks.

Went out today with hubby to get a few necessities to last till payday, and some yarn to start a blanket for my expecting friend (I had to wait to learn the gender before picking it and just learned a few days ago). We went to an express check out at our closest Walmart, which is always hit or miss on the service. The greeters are amazingly sweet people, the cashiers can sometimes be really nice, or completely devoid of emotion or thought. I got the latter today. After barely spitting out a hi, looking rather put out to have another person in her line, even though her queue was empty when we walked up and her light was on, she started scanning and bagging roughly. I was pretty sure our eggs were gonna get busted. She also kept shoving the bagged items back on the side we needed to stack on to clear out our cart.

I usually watch the credit card swiper box (does it have a specific name? ) to see the total building up so I know which card to use, and noticed only two yarns went through, but she had bagged three. I brought this up to her. She sighed, printed out a tiny receipt that showed what had been scanned thus far. "There is one marked yarn, one marked super saver." "Oh I rang up this fifty cent item twice." She fixed it, and started really dropping our items hard into the bag carousel. I don't think she even announced the total. I had some scanning trouble for some  reason, but she just stood there like a statue. I got my receipt and left. On the way out (after getting "Have a good night! Thanks for shopping with us!" from one the really sweet greeters), I told my husband "I think I shoulda just pocketed the two dollars, jeez."

What one gets for being helpful, I guess. It's sorta sad I can't get hours at my job to save my life (luckily we don't need the extra income too badly), but folks with this kind of attitude are employed just fine.

Probably a minor suck, but I felt like writing it up. =P
Tags: credit cards, huh?, wal*mart/tarjay/costco
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