teffielynne (teffielynne) wrote in bad_service,

Winco Fail

So, my mom went to Winco today. For those who may not know, Winco is a huge grocery store. She spent over an hour shopping and then went to pay. After everything was rung up my mom handed the woman her credit card. The cashier promptly told her, in a very snotty tone, that they don't take credit cards and that there was a sign on the door to that effect. My mom apologized and told the lady that she didn't have any other way to pay for the groceries.

The bad service comes in now...there was no sign on or near the door. My mom went back and checked. Credit cards are a pretty basic thing. Most people I know will assume that if a place takes bank cards (which this place does) then they also take regular credit cards. It is possible that the sign fell down, but I would expect someone to check on it.At the very least, use a polite tone of voice. My mom wasn't rude or snippy so there was no need for her to be that way!
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