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Ode to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Ugh. The DMV. I'm surprised not to have seen more posts about the incredibly bad service everyone working there is notorious for.

Sooo, I had to get my driver's license yesterday, and was surprised at how little trouble I had while I was there (Not once have I spent less than three hours at the DMV, only to leave irritated and feeling largely unaccomplished).

See, I apparently have this habit of tilting my head when taking pictures that I was unaware of until the DMV got machines that refuse to identify your face as a face unless it's perfectly straight (So, what if I happened to be born with a freakishly uneven head ? Apparently mutants are not allowed to drive cars. =/ ). 

Anyway. As I am in this impossibly long line for Photos (the only line in the entire DMV that was long, mind you...), it is very easy to tell that the woman operating the machine has no idea what she's doing. With every new photo, this woman has to call over one of the other operators. This, alone, is a bad sign. 

When it's my turn, the woman takes my paperwork and instructs me to sit in this low chair, which made it seem like the lens was too high and not going to capture my picture at all. Now, getting my picture taken in a room full of gawking, sketchy people makes me nervous to begin with. This woman yelling at me for my head being apparently tilted to the side wasn't any help.

Me: ...Obviously, me.
Op: Original Operator.
AGB: Annoying Grouchy Blond that felt the need to come yell at me some more when the first wasn't doing it well enough, apparently.

Op: "You need to keep your head straight."
Me: "Uhm...?" < - - - I was a bit confused, as I thought my head was already straight.
Op: "It's STILL not straight." < - - - She was getting irritated with me already, and as many times as I tried to straighten my head, she insisted it was tilted.

Skip a while down the road, and this other woman comes over to see what the problem is.

AGB: "Keep your head straight, this ain't a glamor shot." < - - - Honestly, this woman snapped at me like I was a pre-teen trying to pose for Brad Pitt. Now, I have a very hard time avoiding confrontation, so keeping my mouth shut at this point was an act of strength, let me tell you.

I tried, YET AGAIN, to straighten my head the way she deemed appropriate.

AGB: "You can't TELL that your head ain't straight ?!" < - - - Yelling at me, here, like I'm an idiot. (Granted, I FELT like an idiot. I truly couldn't understand what they meant by my head being tilted... Felt straight to me. o.O)

Now, for some reason I'll never understand, the operator presses the button to take my picture when I wasn't even looking at the camera, and the machine tells her that the picture is appropriate. So, she tells the big blond woman, "If the machine says it's good, it's GOOD." And they argue about it for a second, before the woman says, "Oh, wait, nevermind, you're right, she IS cross-eyed." And she looks at me and says, "You're cross-eyed," in case I hadn't heard her speaking in her loudest tone, in front of a line of strangers who now came to believe that I was taking cross-eyed pictures because the woman couldn't tell the difference between cross-eyed and looking to the side. Granted, this was a very small part of the ordeal, but it irritated me beyond all else.

AGB: "You're going to make ALL these people just wait and wait and wait." < - - - I can't even explain to you how angry this woman was making me. Seriously, she went about the entire situation as if I was tilting my head on purpose because I WANTED to slow down the DMV.

Eventually, I moved my head into a really awkward position, at which point the woman told me to keep still because I was apparently holding my head straight, then. (I'm telling you, my head was not straight. She told me to freeze, and it was difficult to do so. If my head was straight... That wouldn't have been the case.)

By then, however, I was so irritated with both of them that I couldn't fight my expression into anything but upset.

I now have no doubt that my Identification Photo is going to look like a mug shot.

TL;DR: Two snappy, inconsiderate photo machine operators insist that I tilt my head to intentionally hold up the rest of the DMV, resulting in what I'm sure is going to come out to be an angry mugshot photo on my Driver's License. Will update when it comes in the mail. =D

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