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Not so much sucky as stupid.

I could understand this "mistake" if I lived in a city or something, but this is a small town convenience store just around the corner from my apartment and I happen to be a regular. I found yesterday afternoon's situation a little annoying.

I buy lotto tickets there twice a week (my plan B, I call it). Those are Powerball and Megabucks tickets that require one to fill out that little slips of paper. Yeah those. I have certain numbers that I play every week. No problem. One set of numbers for Powerball and one set for Megabucks equals two tickets, one dollar each. Not difficult. Also, there are no extra easy pics or power plays marked on these slips of paper.

Anyway, I hand over my slips and the guy (who I believe to be the manager) runs them through the machine tells me that the total is three dollars.

Now, at first I thought I misheard him. I had a nasty little low blood sugar thing happening because I was late eating lunch. I know these tickets are a buck each, so I hand him two dollars (in quarters, unfortunately, because that was the last of my cash).

He counts the change and looks at me expectantly. "Three dollars," he said.

At this point I refer to my paper slips that were now resting on the counter. I lay them out side-by-side and say, "For what? There are only two tickets."

He gets this weird look on his face and goes, "Oh," and mumbles something as he drops my money into the drawer.

Normally, I would call this a mistake if it weren't for the fact that he has done this before (my mother was one). Also, both lotto places near my apartment have messed up those tickets. Yes, actually printed out numbers that I didn't select. Call me deluded, but I used to work one of those lotto machines and I thought they printed exactly what was marked.

So, you've heard it here folks! One plus one equals three!
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