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RPG Goddess

Chili's Service Suck from Yesterday

First off, we went to chili's in Macedonia Ohio for those interested. Worst service of my life (First, this isn't as much service as it is atmosphere I guess but the waiters are usually the ones to clean the tables too so I guess it falls under service in that respect but not as far under service as the later portions of this story. When we get seated my boyfriend asks if it smells funny. I shake my head and give him a questioning look, and he says "like vomit" and I tell him I can't smell anything. He says "I think it's this menu" After looking through the menus we sit them down in the middle of the table. During the course of conversation, I lean over the table engaged in the topic at hand and I'm like "wow, you're right, that menu stinks" We both have a horrified look on our faces, especially the boyfriend who had been touching it. He gets up and sets the menu on another table and quickly goes to wash his hands.

Waiter comes and we order our drinks and an appetizer. He brings the drinks out, (Pink lemonade for me, Diet Coke for the boyfriend) and the coke was a regular coke which could have killed my boyfriend because he is diabetic. That was faux pas number one.

He comes back once to check drinks and we put in our order for our meal.

We sit around sipping our drinks and waiting a bit. Two other tables next to us have a different waitress and they have come in and put in their orders. About 20 minutes pass and they receive their food, we still have not received our appetizer. Eventually our waiter returns with our salads. I ask him then if we are getting our appetizer soon and he says "Uhh what appetizer was that again?" /facepalm. He says they're "busy" but they're not at all. There was no wait at all and several empty tables and barely even any cars in the parkinglot. (with service like this I'm not surprised. We've gone there 4 times and 3 out of 4 of those times we have gotten horrific service.) I've gone to restaurants where there was a 2 and 3 hour wait in the same town, in fact 4 minutes from this restaurant and have recieved friendly, prompt, proffesional service from our waiters. This guy just fails. So that was strike 2, and 3 for instead of appologizing making some BS excuse.

Tables next to us, who came in 30 minutes after us now have their food. Waiter eventually returns with our appetizers. Me and boyfriend continue talking and eating the appetizer. Our drinks run out and waiter is no where to be found at all. In fact throughout the entire hour and some that it took us to get served and eat he only refilled drinks twice. Since this isn't baseball that's strike 4.

The worst strike was about another 20 minutes go by and he brings out a bill. Me and the boyfriend both say "Uhh". And the waiter is like "Oh you haven't gotten your meals yet? Wow" Yeah we haven't because you are an idiot thanks... Still no apology or nothing and he withdraws the check and disapears again. He returns rather quickly with our meals which are barely even luke warm!!! He should have put in new orders for them instead of serving us food that sat there for GOD KNOWS HOW LONG!?! But at this point we've been there for over an hour. We pick at our food and complain quietly to eachother about the service.

Eventually waiter returns with the check again and my boyfriend is paying in cash. We had to wait an additional 15-20 minutes for the waiter to come back and get the check and make change. Also when he had first brought the 2nd check I had asked for a box. He forgot and asked as he brought the change and I'm like "Just forget it" Because I knew it would take an act of god to get the boxes in a reasonable amount of time. Since we did eat some of the food, we did pay (instead of insisting to take it up with a manager), but we left no tip for the waiter. I know they only make like 3 bucks an hour, but in my eyes a tip is something that one has to earn. My boyfriend is a very generous tipper and will usually tip anywhere from 25-45% but this was just ridiculous. It's actually the only time I've ever seen him not leave a tip. There should be an IQ test that people have to take before they can work somewhere. Thanks chili's guy for ruining my dinner. /facepalm.

Tags: *restaurant, seriously. considering. mentioning., tex-mex ain't as good as calimex, tex-mex food is delicious, you gotta speak up
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