Boy on the street (adaptedmind) wrote in bad_service,
Boy on the street

reminded by the charity gas station post...

I'm not sure this counts so much as "service," since I didn't stand to get anything from this woman - not sure where else I'd post this, though.

A little info, I'm transgendered [FtM] and at this point had been on testosterone long enough to be passing as male some of the time, and not others. This is a pretty sensitive time for many trans people, so I didn't have the same reaction that I might, now - which would be to go back and get her name, and organization.

A number of months back I was walking with a friend in NYC when we were approached by one of those people that asks folks on the street to donate to X charity. She addresses us, "Ladies, ladies!" as we walk by, I shake my head no [it's pretty standard to dismiss these people in this manner, from my own experiences and observation. A lot of people don't even give them that 'luxury'.] but she repeats herself again, to which I finally respond, "I'm not a 'lady'." Flatly, not angrily, just a sort of "I indicated 'no' what else do you want?" reaction. To which she yells, "Well you SURE ain't no man!" quite... loudly.

Needless to say, I didn't donate. I wish I'd gotten her name from her tag, but I was pretty shaken up and not a little embarrassed at being singled out in the crowd in that manner so I was more concerned with just walking away.
Tags: telemarketers/solicitors

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